Khloe’s got an adorable puppy from her husband

Khloe’s gets an adorable puppy

Khloe’s gets an adorable puppy

Lamar and Khloe‘s new baby boxer…

They show their new baby puppy which the Lamar gave to his sexy and gorgeous wife. She tweeted: “Look what Lammy got us! Our new baby boxer.”

And now its up to you to take “Lammy as the pet’s name. The puppy is very cute and adorable. Kardashian’s family is ready to see of welcome this adorable pet.

Kim wrote about this baby boxer: WHAT?!!!??? THEY GOT A BOXER??? AWWWW. The sweet couple married three years before and they didn’t have any couple yet but they are still trying to got a single baby. Till then this cute puppy is enough for them.

Reality TV star said about her loving husband: “I’m happily married to a wonderful man and fall in love with him more and more each day. We’ll have a baby when God wants us to and when the time is right.”
With her new expecting nephew or niece she is really very excited about that she commits it and said that she and her husband are waiting madly for the new baby to protect and care them. She said she is ready to welcome the happiness with the new little member in their family.

Good Luck couple for your future life…

Written by: Lily Markson

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Jamie Lynn Spears is engaged for second time

Jamie Lynn

jamie-lynn spears watson engaged

The mother of 4-years-old Jamie Lynn Spears got engaged second time with the same name man, Jamie Waston, 30 years.

The couple was dating after Jamie Lynn’s first split in 2010. She tweeted the photo of her engagement with the caption of “Guesssss what??????” She seems very happy on this moment also in the arms of her love also wearing the engagement ring.

The younger sister of Britney Spear also tweets another picture of close up of her engagement ring. And caption this picture with “☺ #hedidgood”

Before Waston, 21 years old Jamie was engaged with high school boyfriend Casey Aldridge, with whom she also shares the 4 years daughter Maddie.

We didn’t know more about her fiancé instead that her is not engaged in the business industry and working as a businessman. Best of luck love birds…

Written by: Lily Markson

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Still Believing on Love… Britney Spears gave message after her Break Up

britney spears

britney spears

Just after three days of the announcing her break up with her conservator Trawick, Britney Sears is giving the message to her lovers that she still believes in love.

She wore a hood with prominent- capital- letters of “LOVE” on the front side of hood. And on the back side the phrase was written “I am Love” when she was walking down to the street holding two iced coffees.

Trawick was not only her fiancé of one year but also a former manager and Britney’s co-conservator along with her father Jamie. Source close to Trawick told that ex-fiancé had become; “resentful toward Britney because he gave up his career … to be everything to Britney.”

One more source tells about Britney Spears that the fact is this, Spears wants more Childs. She already has two boys with his ex-husband Kevin Federline, Preston, 7, and Jayden, 6.

As we all knows that Trawick signed a confidentiality agreement so he now he is legally bound to doesn’t speak on this topic.

Written by: Sophia Brooke

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